Monday, September 17, 2012

Rifftrax Mesa of Lost Women, 2012

Rifftrax Mesa of Lost Women: Not to be confused with the Plateau of Misplaced Babes, the Bayou of Wandering Broads, or the Tundra of Girlfriends Who Keep Trying to Get You to Ask for Directions but You’re Simply Just Too Foolish and Proud. It’s packed with everything you want in a vintage monster movie: giant spiders, dancing girls, spider-girls, DANCING spider-girls, mad scientists, square-jawed test pilots, and minor characters based on horribly dated ethnic stereotypes (we’re looking at you, Pepe and Woo the “houseboy”)! And, of course, nonstop wall-to-wall flamenco guitar. It’s like everyone says, “Flamenco guitar: why have a little when you could have an insane amount that is clearly way too much?” The action starts when an escaped mental patient forces a group of strangers onto an airplane, which subsequently crash-lands in a strange, deadly wilderness - which, coincidentally enough, was also how RiffTrax got started, so you definitely don’t want to miss this one! Currently 0.00/5 (0 votes) Released: April 03, 2012
USEFUL TIPS: (First Enable Popup Blocker) Second When watching a movie, let the player stream the video for a few minutes by pressing the pause button. Then resume the video for uninterrupted play back.

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